African Beauty and Body Products:
Antibacterial Soap is a gentle soap with Lemongrass that effectively cleanses away dirt, germs and odors without drying skin. Helps prevent spread of germs and infection. Leaves the skin smooth and soft.
A Creamy Cocoa Butter Soap Enriched with vitamin E. Deep cleans & moisturizes skin base without leaving it dry and tight. Excellent for face, Hands and body.
Blue Nile beauty soap is a natural blend of Organic Herbs with Vitamin E & Aloe vera. It is a source of excellent Skin moisture and natural cleanser.
The natural moisturizer African Shea Butter and Aloe Vera soap - for your skin care in the original fashion. Suitable for all skin types.
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$2.00  Black Soap with Shea
Butter and Aloe Vera
$2.00  Antibacterial Soap
$2.00  Black Soap with Cocoa
Butter and Vitamin E
$2.00  Blue Nile Beauty Soap
This hair pomade contains natural organic herb and botanical properties. Enhanced with Vitamin E, this excellent conditioner and moisturizer will prevent dryness and hair breakage.
An advanced non-greasy moisturizer that helps to heal, soften and protect rough, dry skin. Enhanced with Natural Shea Butter and Vitamin E. Helps sooth and repair strech mark before, during and after pregnancy.
What is Natural Shea Butter? The Shea tree was held in reverence by ancient Egyptians and native communities in which its found.  It flowers at age 25 and lives on for an average of 300 years.  For centuries, the anti-inflammatory properties of Shea Butter has soothed aches and pains associated with arthritis and muscle discomfort.   Its nuts also contain very high unsaponifables & triglycerides -natural regeneration (anti-aging) properties.   Shea Butter spells relief naturally for  a multitude of skin problems: Skin Aging, Dry Skin, Blemishes, Spot, Marks, Scars and other skin irritation.
Natural Cocoa Butter Cream is a Unique formula with Aloe Vera Gel & Herbal extracts with natural ingredients. Improves skin texture for a healthy feel and look.
$3.00  African Shea Butter
$3.00  Herbal Hair Pomade
$5.00  Pure Natural Solid -
Shea Butter
$3.00 Natural Cocoa Butter
An advance quick absorbing moisturizer that helps heal, leaving skin feeling smooth and soft.
Contains a Pro-Vitamin Complex, which penetrates into your hair to help prevent damage and improve it fom the inside. It gently cleans without stripping. Has a pleasant aroma that relaxes while you shampoo.
Natural Cocoa Butter Lotion is a unique formula with Aloe Vera & Herbal extracts with Natural ingredients.
All natural pure black soap, used in Africa for many years for a pure and deep cleansing.
$5.00  Shea Butter Shampoo
Plus Conditioner
$5.00  Natural Cocoa Butter
$5.00 African Shea Butter
Lotion - (Dry Skin Formula)
$2.00 Pure African Black Soap
417 Boone Valley Dr Round Rock, TX (512) 461-2918