History and Info
The products & services of natural hair braiding are wholesome, gentle & nurturing
without diminishing or altering texture. Natural hair care services & styling techniques
are affirming & fortify one's self image. These services strengthen & nourish textured
hair while promoting growth & correcting damaged hair.

For this exciting evolution, the tireless efforts & perseverance of our industry's dedicated
braiders who have a high regard for the importance & significance of their career & art,
are to be greatly praised. There are many challenges that face the professional braiders
of today. But there are two very important commitments that must be met, namely
braiding must be established by us as a professional art form, & proper training must be
provided by us in order for the legacy to continue.

I strive to explain that braiding emphasizes what is naturally beautiful in black hair &
natural hair is a symbol of freedom, cultural empowerment & self acceptance.
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