Prices & Styles
These are just some of the style we do...You are welcomed to view our braiding styles books to select other styles that you will be
comfortable with and will compliment your natural hair preference.

The Price Page is meant to give a general Idea of our Prices. There are always varying Factors that could slightly change the prices,
such as hair length, size of head, complexity of styles etc.
Individual braids are thicker than Micro braids and can be styled in a variety of ways...
Basin Micro is a melange of two or more colors, that usually complements the complexion...
This style mixes traditional corn rows with longers individual micro type braids...
Basin Micro
Individual Braids
Corn Rows with Pony Hair
I use kinky hair, almost dreadlock texture and the braid part is close to the scalp and is not seen...
Traditional straight flowing Micro braids, can also be style in many ways...
Girls corn rows are neat and great for your active little girl, or if you don't know what to do with her hair...
Girls Corn Rows
Micro Straight
Invisible Braids - Kinky
Micro Braids - Deep Wavy Hair
Individual Braids - Pony Hair
Invisible Braids
Many women love the texture of Pony hair because it is curly at the ends and flows nicely over your shoulders...
Best ofboth worlds, corn rows to keep a neat top and flowing hair in the back...
Micro - Pony
Corn Rows with Individual in back
Kinky Twist
Some More Homemade Styles and Designs
Please note... Prices above are without hair supplied. If we supply the hair then just add $25 per pack for top quality 100% human

We have several varieties of top quality 100% human hair, but not all brands. Our customers are welcomed to bring whatever style
or brand of human or synthetic hair they would like, and we will work with these.
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