Taking out your Braids
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Taking out your braids

For Micro braids with glue, cut out the glue and then wash the braids. Fill a spray
bottle with warm water and mix in some conditioner. Make sure you have a wide
tooth comb and some hair clips. Do not blow dry. Comb out the braids when the
hair is wet. Divide the hair into four sections and work one at a time. You may cut
the excess hair that is not yours but be careful.

After unraveling a few braids spray the hair with water and conditioner. Hold the
hair close to the scalp with one hand and--using a wide tooth comb--gently comb
thru the hair with the other one. You will see several strands of hair in the comb;
don't be alarmed as this is normal. If the amount of hair seems excessive this
could be due to hair being pulled out at the root.

Once you have completed your entire head, you are ready to begin shampooing.
Because the hair is still weak you need to be careful. Excessive massaging can
cause matting and make it difficult to comb thru, which can also cause breakage
and unevenness, so be careful!

It may be wise to wash your hair in four sections; the same manner in which you
removed the braids. Make sure to use moisturizing shampoo and work the
product thru the hair from root to tip. Deep condition and/or use a hot oil
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